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How to build your Millennium Schools website
Designing a website has never been so easy. All you have to do is subscribe and we'll send your passwords. Then decide what you want to say, collect your text and images and you can build your first page in minutes:
    1. Choose your page layout.
    2. Add your text - type or copy & paste.
    3. Add your images - upload from your disk.
    4. Save your work and see how it looks.
    5. Edit until you're happy, then...
    6. Publish finished pages to the world.
We take care of the hosting and set up your chosen web address. What's more you can:
  • add more pages whenever you want
  • build over 200 pages (upgrade for up to 930 pages!)
  • choose your overall website colours and style
  • put your school logo or banner on every page
  • add movies, music, animations, MS Office files
  • update your site from any Internet computer anywhere in the world