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Any questions?
If you want to know more about Millennium Schools, you can send your questions to our support team. We will contact you personally, and if the answer is of general interest, we will post it below. here are the most common questions from our users.
Q.Who can subscribe?
A.The Millennium Schools project is for education establishments around the world. This includes all kinds of school from pre-school groups to primary, secondary and special schools. Education authorities can also have their own Millennium Schools websites, so can teachers centres, curriculum centres and other support organisations. Not sure whether you qualify? Contact us to find out more.
Q.What can we put on our website?
A.You will have a completely free hand to put anything you want on your website. There are no restrictions except that it should be legal and decent. Just make sure all the content you or your pupils use is entirely your own.
Q.Do we retain our copyright?
A.Anything you place on your Millennium Schools Project website remains your own copyright. In submitting content you also give the Millennium Schools Project permission to use your content for educational, promotional and commercial purposes. You will notice, for example, that we use images and text from our schools to illustrate these pages.
Q.Is it really that easy to do?
A.To build your pages, you just need basic computer skills. If you can type, copy and paste text, and can find an image file on your hard disk, then you can put your site together. You will need to prepare your images before uploading, saving them in JPG or GIF format to display on the web and resizing them to fit your pages. Members will find more detailed help in your private editing area - just where you need it.
Q.Can we build a site with another school?
A.Pairs of schools, or even groups can collaborate on building a joint website by sharing the Second Level Password. This is ideal for twinning projects with overseas schools, or for schools involved in education projects. Our support team can help you organise a collaborative project.
Q.Can we build a private site for the school staff?
A.You can have a special password-protected site, which is only seen by your school staff. In all other respects it will work the same as your public Millennium Schools site. Contact our support team to set this up.